Mjödhamnen Lingonlunda

Mjödhamnen Sweden

A blend of a rich mead, made from Dan Levin’s liquid white clover and raspberry honey with hints of cherry blossom from Livingston, and the Västerbottnian lingonberry melomel, Höströd (Autumn Red), with lingonberries from Västerbotten and honey from Lars Höglund in Västernorrland, one of Sweden’s greatest beekeepers.

This is Mjödhamnen’s first mead made from honey from more than one part of the country. The pairing has proved fruitful! This delicate lingonberry melomel is similar to a rosé wine, and well suited for salads and lighter meals.

ABV: 10.4%

Packaging: 750ml cork finished bottles

Website: http://www.mjodhamnen.se

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