Oliver’s Bittersweet Funk

Oliver's Cider & Perry England

The Bittersweet Funk is a complex dry, still cider blended from the best barrels of Tom Oliver’s 2011 harvest.  Traditional bittersweet and bittersharp vintage cider apples were pressed in late 2011, then fermented by wild yeasts through the winter, finishing in the spring at the same time as the malolactic ferment takes place.  The cider then matured in old oak barrels for another 12 months before being bottled at about 18 months.  It’s deliciously complex — a full, spicy nose with a hint of delicate blue cheese gives way to the robust taste of dry, bittering tannins, sour acids, and a long apple skin finish.  A very full 6.9% ABV cider that has real character.

ABV: 6.90%

Packaging: 750 ml bottles

Website: http://www.oliversciderandperry.co.uk

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