Mikkeller/Prairie Artisan Ales American Style hits the US

MIKKELLER/PRAIRIE American Style label

You might think that two Wild and Crazy guys brewing beer in Belgium is something that happens every day. You’d be right about that. But when the two guys are Chase Healey of Prairie Artisan Ales (one of the hottest US breweries in 2013) and Mikkel Borg Bjergsø (the Godfather of Gypsy Brewers himself), well now that is something that definitely does not happen every day.

Bonding over their love mutual of American West Coast hops and Brettanomyces, the American and the Dane met up at De Proefbrouwerij in Lochristi, Belgium. De Proef has been referred to as the Willy Wonka Beer Factory by at least one American brewer. The amazing place is run by a meticulous brewer/scientist named Dirk Naudts. Dirk doesn’t just make beer though. He does all sorts of research on hops and yeast, so De Proefbrouwerij was the perfect place for these two international brewing stars to meet and make a hella hoppy IPA with Brettanomyces.

We were not able to be there for the brewing, but were lucky enough to visit just a week or so later. After touring the brew house and spending some time having our minds blown by all the research on hops going on in the laboratory, Dirk wanted us to taste some beers. Great idea! We had already moved from talk of mapping the humulus lupulus genome to discussions about Dirk’s research into yeast, especially the aromatic compounds. The first beer Dirk wanted us to taste was one that was still fermenting and quite cloudy, but showed some wonderful tropical characteristics resulting from the special strain of Brettanomyces used for fermentation. The beer was also incredibly hoppy and quite dry. Dirk told us it was dry hopped with Citra. The result was something we would have been happy drinking all afternoon, if not for the couple dozen other beers Dirk wanted us to taste from other fermenters, bottles, and barrels we probably would have done so. American Style was the perfect start to the amazing journey that day, and now it is here for all fans of Mikkeller and Prairie Artisan Ales.

We have 30L Key Kegs and 750ml bottles of Mikkeller/Prairie Artisan Ales American Style in stock now. Come get it and let it rock you. –md

Dinges American Style

Our own Matt Dinges getting his first taste of American Style with Dirk Naudts.



5 Responses to “Mikkeller/Prairie Artisan Ales American Style hits the US”

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi, I’m from Tulsa and just brought a box full of Oklahoma beers back to NYC with me. Is there any chance I’ll be able to find this any where around here?

    • Dinges says:

      Hey Jenny,

      I think we connected on Facebook on this, but for good measure here are the places that received the first and so far only few cases of Prairie Artisan Ales in NYC. More will be coming in 2014:

      Spuyten Duyvil
      Brouwerij Lane
      Campbell Cheese
      Good Beer
      City Swiggers

    • Antonius says:

      I recently reevewid batch #4 of Ommegeddon at my blog and was similarly let down on the funk meter. It was an interesting and good drink, but not the Brett forward funk machine that I recalled from Batch #1 and #3. Hopefully some aging will change that, but I don’t know, seems a stretch.Check out Victory’s Wild Devil Ale if you can. 100% Brett fermented version of their Hop Devil IPA. Funk house delight.

    • tim says:

      Hey Jenny,
      if you haven’t found it yet, you can get it at bklyn larder in park slope.

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