B.R. Rolya

B.R. Rolya had her first taste of beer at the age of 5 while living in Germany. Instantly smitten, she insisted upon her own beer stein; her parents gently demanded that it be used for drinking milk. While living in Brussels during her high school years, she furthered her beer education, encouraged by the Trappist ales that her father kept in the refrigerator. Upon her return to the US to attend Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, little did she know that the nearby town of Belchertown, often the butt of college jokes, would soon become a beer mecca.

After receiving a masters degree in International Affairs from Columbia University, she worked in the field of arms control before making a radical shift to the music industry. She continued to pursue good beer and eventually its call pulled her into the Shelton Brothers fold.

B.R. is Shelton Brothers’s New York sales manager as well as the manager for our French and Canadian breweries. She is an award- winning homebrewer and a nationally-ranked beer judge. When not drinking beer, she can be found on horseback or in the hockey rink.

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