Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin Denmark

From the winery

At Frederiksdal Estate on Lolland, we are in the middle of a Danish wine revolution. We produce wines, the likes of which have never been produced before. And we do it using the finest ingredients produced by the Nordic climate.

When holding a glass of Frederiksdal wine in your hand, try to forget all about both grape wine and cherry wine for a moment and prepare to be surprised. Our wines have entirely unique nuances in flavour derived from one of the best berries in the world, namely the Danish Stevnsbær cherry. With this berry, we have established a quality wine production that is beyond comparison. It is not traditional cherry wine, with which you probably already feel familiar – for better or worse. Nor is it port or red wine. It is unique.

At Frederiksdal, we have taken a path that no one has taken before. Rather than producing wine working against the Danish climate, we use the advantages offered by nature and the Danish weather. The basis is the unique ingredient, the Stevnsbær cherry, which has the very best conditions for growth in Denmark. We use the cherry’s high levels of sugar, acid and antioxidants, allowing the berries to ferment naturally for a few days following harvest to obtain maximum complexity. Subsequently, we let the wines develop differently. We use methods known for centuries in winemaking, but also our own, new methods, as cherries differ from the more common grapes. The result is unique and balanced wines that go equally well with sweet and savoury foods.

We are often compared with med Banyuls. Others find that our wines bring to mind an excellent port. But everyone agrees that the Frederiksdal wines are unique. This confirms our belief that we are on the right path. If you have not already tasted our wines, an amazing experience awaits you.

Frederiksdal Estate can be dated back to 1305. The white main building, as it stands today, was founded in 1756.

“Why not use a really good cherry, which has obvious growth conditions in our climate instead of forcing mediocre grapes from wormer areas to give tasty wine? This is the reasoning why we use a very tasty cherry instead of adjacent grapes.”


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