Cambridge Grantchester Meadows

Cambridge Brewing Company United States

From the brewer:

“In honor of International Gruit Day (February 1st!) we formed a 3-way collaboration with our good friends at Mystic Brewery and Earth Eagle Brewings. We gathered at each brewery to create a unique beer without using hops, focusing instead on the use of flowers, herbs, spices and fruits which have enjoyed history of use in ferments for thousands of years. For reasons known only to the brewers, each beer in our series has been names after a song by the band Pink Floyd. Grantchester Meadows, written by Roger Waters, is on the experimental album Ummagumma, and features acoustic guitar and tape loops of chirping skylarks. Waters’ pastoral and dream-like lyrics describe a scene at a meadow nearby David Gilmour’s house in Cambridgeshire, England.”

Style: Gruit

ABV: 4.90%

Packaging: Kegs

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