Cantillon Cuvee des Champions

Cantillon Belgium

A brew concocted by Jean Van Roy to celebrate the 2003-2004 Division III title for the local Union St. Gilles football (soccer, to you) team and its upgrade to Division II. Though it was brewed only for members of the football club and its fans, Shelton Brothers was able to pry about 35 cases away from the brewery to share with lambic lovers here in the USA.

Cuvee des Champions is not a traditional ‘gueuze,’ in that it is made from only two year-old 2001 lambic, not from a blend of older and younger lambics. It is also dry-hopped in the cask for three weeks with fresh Styrian Goldings hops. Re-fermentation in the bottle is achieved with the addition of a small amount of candi sugar.

Style: Lambic

ABV: 5.00%

Packaging: 750 ml cork-finished bottles

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