Mikkeller Show Me Cuvee

Mikkeller Denmark

From the brewer:

“Show Me Cuvee presents itself with a dark reddish brown pour with a fluffy off white head. The aroma is a bit anonymous at first, but quickly revel a fine and complex spiced aroma. You will find fresh cherries, brown sugar, raisins, cloves and some cinnamon. You will also sense the mild hints of banana that you would expect, when Belgian yeast have been used.
The taste is sweet with a sour edge. There is both oxidized fruit and dry fruits like figs and dates present. The bitterness plays nicely along and is accompanied by something that is best described as pipe tobacco. The mouth feel is creamy with a bitter and surprisingly dry finish.This is a beer that is very easy to drink and that never knocks you over in a hard core flavor burst. It is elegant with a fine complexity to it.We would love to drink this beer along with some classic Danish open-faced sandwiches topped with pate or pork and sour pickles added.”

Style: Wild Ale

ABV: 8.50%

Packaging: 375 ml, 30L key kegs

Brewer Website: http://www.mikkeller.dk/

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