Saint Somewhere/Blaugies/De La Senne/Thiriez Fraternité

Saint Somewhere United States

From Bob the Brewer:

“Daniel Thiriez, Pierre-Alex Carlier, Kevin Carlier, Yvan De Baets, all heroes of Saint Somewhere Brewing, and torch bearers for traditional Farmhouse Ales found themselves at our little brewery.  Turns out, Yvan is a bit of a hop-head. Daniel and Pierre-Alex discussed their stocks and Kevin is pretty handy with a mash shovel. At the end of the day, everybody had a turn or two shoveling, we ended up with a nice hoppy Farmhouse ale and the guys all like Greek food. On top of a great beer, we now have a great excuse to take a few more “business trips” to Belgium and France to visit our fraternity brothers.

Our house yeast along with open fermentation and resident ‘Free Range Tarpon Springs Brettanaomyces’ add to the complexity of this ale.”

Style: Farmhouse Ale

ABV: 5.00%

Packaging: 750ml bottles and Keg

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