North Peak (Grizzly Peak Series) Maylem

North Peak Brewing Company United States

Maylem is a seasonal beer released in February.

From the brewer:

“Malty Sweetness and alcohol overtones are on the rampage in this very traditional English Strong Ale. Generous use of Pale Crystal, wheat and other malts supply the Chico yeast with plenty of nourishment to produce fruity notes and the punch of a 10% beer. Reddish copper in appearance, this brew will also please hop-hunters looking for a break, but still in need of a subtle citrus flavors and a bold aroma, thanks to Golding, Vanguard and Fuggles hops.”

Please note North Peak’s beers are only available through Shelton Brothers in the following states: CA, FL, IN, KY & MO.

NORTH PEAK maylem - bottle - web

Style: Midwest Heavy Duty Ale

ABV: 9.50%

Packaging: Kegs and 355ml bottles

Brewer Website:

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