Two Metre Tall Derwent Aromatic Spelt Ale

Two Metre Tall Australia

From the brewer:

“The Derwent Region with the mighty Derwent River is our home. It is also the home & birthplace of the Australian hop industry and has an excellent climate for growing grain.  This ale gets it all … our own farm grown hops, and Tasmanian grown spelt – the most unusual, most flavorsome grain on the planet – and our very own indigenous souring organisms.  It is an utterly unique beer.

This is a NATURALLY SOURED ALE. The current brew has been made using fresh whole hop flowers – only possible once a year! Features farm grown raw ingredients. The spelt, barley and rare, aromatic hops are from both our own and other carefully selected farms along the Derwent River Valley. Using the indigenous micro flora present on the grain, we encourage a 36-hour lactic fermentation of the wort prior to inoculation with selected yeast. The rarity of individual ingredients, coupled with the very specialized brewing technique leads to an exceptionally unique brew of unparalleled regional character. “

Style: Wild Ale

ABV: 5.10%

Packaging: 500ml bottles

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