Two Metre Tall Forester

Two Metre Tall Australia

From the brewer:

“The Forester region in North Eastern Tasmania is the very essence of a verdant rural idyll and is dripping with the magnificent pioneering spirit of rural Tasmania.

This ale is a salutation to one of the last remaining hop farms of a region with over a century of hop growing tradition and each year we drive to the other side of our island to procure the hops directly from that farm.

Our Forester Bitter Amber Ale features hops grown in the Forester River region of North East Tasmania. Like the best wines, every bottle of this ale is an expression of regional character and reflects the passion of our brewer – also a winemaker – for discovering and showcasing the provenance and individuality of the unique ingredients. Malty, with balanced bitterness in youth, with bottle age it will develop a unique complexity and very mild and balanced acidity due to our use of mixed fermentation in this product, incorporating our indigenous farmhouse wild yeasts along with selected commercial strains of brewers yeasts.”

Style: Amber Ale

ABV: 5.50%

Packaging: 330ml bottles

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