Cloudwater Tropical Stout

Cloudwater Brew Co. England

From the brewer:

“A rich Tropical Stout featuring a blend of darker malts for a full, complex flavour, with oat and dextrin malts for increased body. Fermented warm with lager yeast, then conditioned cold for a rounded yeast ester presentation. 8% ABV

Aroma Hops:Ekuanot
Bittering Hops:Pilgrim Alpha CO2 Extract
Malts:Golden Promise, Dextrin Malt, Oat Malt, Caramalt, Pale Chocolate, Roast Barley, Black Malt, Special B, Heritage Crystal
Yeast: Lager”

Style: Stout

ABV: 8.00%

Packaging: KeyKegs

Brewer Website:

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