The Monarchy Münchhausen

The Monarchy Germany

The northwestern German city of Münster has continuously maintained it’s reputation as the country’s torch-bearer for the survival of mildly tart, old-school top-fermenting beers. Münchhausen, The Monarchy’s interpretation of a traditional “Münsterland”-style Altbier, is well-hopped, mildly sour, a bit roasty and funky- very challenging or very chuggable, depending on your geek-quotient.

From the brewer:

“One of the most famous inhabitants of Northern Germany was Baron Von Münchhausen. He was known for telling far-fetched stories about his adventures, like his famous ride on a hop flower… ehmm… on a cannonball.”

Style: Altbier

ABV: 4.80%

Packaging: bottles, key kegs

Brewer Website:

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