Way Beer Sour Me Not Acerola

Way Beer Brazil

From the brewer:

“The Way Sour Me Not Acerola is one of the most extreme beers of Way Beer. The acerola is one of the fruits that presents the higher acidity in nature, and because of that, it’s flavor was chosen to incorporate this series.

Observing the world trend of the Sour beers, Way decided to produce the series Sour Me Not, the first commercial beers in Brazil. The acidity of these beers usually outcrop our senses, which means, it’s good to be served in cocktails, with entrees or to acompany greasier dishes, contrasting flavors and creating the perfect harmony. The acidity predominates and it’s lightly salted, a beer with low alcohol content and light body.

In the process of fabrication, the fruit ferments with the other ingredients, and it’s in the fermentation with bacterias that the acidity is produced. Only at the end of the process the beer is filtered. It has a 3,5% alcohol content, usually served in flute glasses, the same one used for sparkling wine, keeping the bubbles of the drink for a while longer. It is recommended to be served at the temperature of 5ºC to 7ºC (41F to 44.6F)”

Style: Sour Ale

ABV: 3.50%

Packaging: 30L Kegs and 310ml bottles

Brewer Website: http://waybeer.com.br/

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