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From the brewer:

“This tart, cloudy, spicy style comes from a similar heritage as Saison. Many types of Witbier (meaning ‘white beer’ in Flemish) were traditionally brewed by farmers for their workers. Some variants of Witbier are known to have contained Lactobacillus and were delivered to local pubs shortly after they were brewed, and served to customers while still fermenting. The resulting drink was full of wheat proteins, carbohydrates and the ‘friendly bacteria’ that have become so popular today, making a perfect drink for physical labourers.

After gradually losing popularity this style died out in the 1950s but was given a new lease of life by Pierre Celis, an ex-postman from the town of Hoegaarden, who created the modern beer we now know as Witbier.

The brewers at Brew By Numbers appreciate the merits of both the modern re-imagining and the traditional versions. Expect to see many variations of this style.

07|01 CLASSIC WITBIER  –  Coriander, orange peel and chamomile flowers pair beautifully with Belgian Witbier yeast to create the Pierre Celis re-imagining of this provincial classic.”

Style: Witbier

ABV: 5.00%

Packaging: 30L key kegs

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