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From the brewer:

“Prior to the published studies of Pasteur, beer was frequently brewed in environments where it was susceptible to bacterial spoilage and infection by wild yeasts. Farmhouse ales epitomised this period of brewing history, when the bacteria and wild yeasts living in the local atmosphere would define the character of the beers brewed there.

Combining aspects from our Barrel Aged and Brett Aged series, some of our Farmhouse beers are aged using wild yeast strains in oak barrels. Others undergo multiple and/or mixed fermentations with specific cultures of bacteria and combinations of yeast strains. The results are yeast-driven flavours displaying not just sourness or funk, but deeper, more complex flavours of fruit, spice, tartness, tannins and oak. We’re looking forward to taking our Farmhouse series even further, with the aim of maturing multiple batches and blending them to create some truly unique beers.

18|05 FARMHOUSE: RYE SAISON – A rye saison brewed with Cerveses La Pirata (Barcelona), aged in Spanish red wine barrels and fermented with both our house saison yeast and a blend of Brettanomyces cultures. 18|05 has a complex, funky, farmyard aroma and a tart, dry palate of smooth vanilla and soft fruit flavours. mixed fermentation sour wheat beer brewed with salt and coriander. Soured in tank with a blend of three different lactic acid bacteria (lactobacillus), this Gose was fermented with both our clean, house saison yeast and a house Brettanomyces culture. Its bright, sour, salt and funk flavours are sharp and fresh, and will continue to evolve over time.”

BBNO 18-05 bottle

Style: Saison

ABV: 6.20%

Packaging: KeyKegs

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