Dieu du Ciel! Aquarelle

Dieu Du Ciel! Canada

From the brewer –

“The main focus of the Aquarelle is its different types of fermentations. First, there is a lactic fermentation which gives it its sour taste. After the boiling process, a regular fermentation with our Belgian Abbey yeast gives it its signature flavour. The beer has citrus and herbal aromas, with a touch of pineapple. The hoppy and tropical freshness of the beer is accompanied by a sour and citrus flavour burst. This is followed by a light cereal taste, much like rye bread and a baguette. The finish is dry and slightly astringent with slowly fading flavours.”

Style: Belgian Sour

ABV: 5.0%

Packaging: PETainer (30L)

Brewer Website: http://dieuduciel.com/en/

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