Magic Rock/AZ Wilderness Cross-Pollination

Magic Rock Brewing England

From the brewer:

“Jon and Pat from AZ Wilderness visited the brewery during their whistle stop tour of the UK to support this years Rainbow Project. In keeping with AZW’s local/foraged ingredient ethos we decided to brew something that would in parts utilize the Heather that has been (even more noticeably than usual) in bloom in these parts recently.

The recipe we settled on is a ‘Heather Honey IPA’ utilizing local Heather Honey, lots of big a beautiful US Hops and a mixed yeast culture incorporating local West Yorkshire ale yeast. And it’s absolutely delicious! (even if we do say so ourselves) lots of floral sweet honey on the nose, big juicy/fruity hops in the mouth and a really balanced finish.”


Style: IPA

ABV: 7.40%

Packaging: KeyKegs

Brewer Website:

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