Magic Rock Brewing England

We here at Shelton Brothers are pleased to welcome Magic Rock, one of the most exciting breweries in England, to the States.

Here’s how the brewers describe themselves:

At Magic Rock we are committed to making a full range of modern, flavourful, hop-forward and ‘big’ beers using the best available ingredients and techniques for drinkers unwilling to compromise on flavour. This uncompromising attitude runs through all our beers, where we seek flavour and complexity whilst striving for balance and drinkability.

We intend to deliver a taste experience to our customers which is magically removed from the mundane. To excite and enthrall and to educate people to the flavour possibilities of beer. We understand that you don’t have time for bland, flavourless beers because neither have we.


Part 1 of our visit to Magic Rock

Part 2 of our visit to Magic Rock

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Brewery Website:


Magic Rock Salty Kiss

Originally a collaboration with Anders Kissmeyer. In true collaborative spirit Anders felt they should also bring an Anglo-Danish element to the beer, so they added Gooseberries for some English fruit and tartness typical of the style. The Danish ingredients are additions of Sea Buckthorn and…

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