Struise O.N.E.

Struise Belgium

From the brewer:

“O.N.E.   –    Our Nastiest Effort

This beer is the first entry in our new barrel-aging project. We wanted to start things off with a bang, so we cooked up a Belgian Strong Dark Ale with a massively complex malt body and carefully matured it on Maker’s Mark bourbon barrels for two years. The result is a luscious experience that you can treat yourself to once in a while, but preferably not every day. Doctor Urbain’s orders!

It tempts you with luscious waves of sweet vanilla and oak aromas, urging you on to dive right in. Alcohol warmth is present, but most certainly not overpowering. This beer gets even better with age, but we don’t hold out any hopes that you’d be able to cellar it for very long. Whether you drink it now or later, we guarantee you won’t regret it!”

Style: Belgian Strong Ale

ABV: 10.00%

Packaging: 20L key kegs

Brewer Website:

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