Baird Single Take Session Ale

Baird Brewing Japan

From the brewer:

“Music is the muse for many things, including this beer. Brewed un-cut and un-edited in ‘single-take’ batches, this Belgian-yeast fermented Session Ale is playful, effervescent and wonderfully aromatic.

Bryan’s Comment
I love to drink beer every day. I enjoy immensely the wonderful aromas and flavors imparted to beer from hops. Single-Take Session Ale is one of my favorite every day beers as it manages to be both moderate in alcohol strength and yet full-on in hop character.

The Label Speaks
Bryan is a long-time fan and admirer of musician Neil Young. His ‘single-take’ style of recording lends a raw, honest and unvarnished quality to his music. This is the quality we are after in Baird Beer. The label artwork is inspired by a live 1989 Neil Young performance of ‘Rocking in the Free World.”

Style: Session Beer

ABV: 4.50%

Packaging: 20L KeyKegs

Brewer Website:

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