Ridgeway Very Bad Elf

Ridgeway England

As you might imagine, the Very Bad Elf causes a little bit more trouble than its Bad older brother. Stronger and darker, it also packs a bigger punch. Anyone out there remember Brakspear’s Vintage Henley? That was one very special brew. This is Vintage Henley cranked up to 7.5%, for the sole purpose of making your holiday bright.

Based on an original recipe from 1795, Very Bad Elf has nutty and sweet-roasted flavors attributable to its use of an ancient pale malt, uniquely recreated for this delightful ale. A rare variety of Fuggles hops dating to the mid-1800’s gives the beer a soft, rounded bitterness and uncanny drinkability.

The illustration for the Very Bad Elf label was painted by Massachusetts artist Gary Lippincott.


Style: Bitter

ABV: 7.5%

Packaging: 500ml bottle, cask, 30L keg

Brewer Website: http://www.ridgewaybrewery.co.uk/

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