Amager/Cellarmaker The Dank Dane

Amager Denmark

From the brewer:

“Dank as a Dane is said to be local slang for the exceptionally sweaty and smelly young Danish backpackers that you will see touring the Bay Area – and San Francisco in particular. Riding a BART, chasing street cars, gasping their way up hilly boulevards, insisting to jog the Golden Gate or climbing prison islands. You know the drill… However, modern day hipster backpackers are also said to be fond of their hoppy beers which is why they may theoretically end up with a very exhausted look on their faces while enjoying a huge glass of quenching IPA at San Francisco’s by far coolest, new brewpub, Cellarmaker. This spring we had the pleasure of a brewing visit from Tim Sciascia and Connor Casey of Cellarmaker fame. The collaboration beer we brewed we tried to keep in the tradition that has gained Cellarmaker a reputation for being one of California’s finest new breweries: lots of hops yes, but subtle, delicate, balanced and highly drinkable. We hope that you’ll find “The Dank Dane” to be exactly that.”

Style: West Coast IPA

ABV: 6.50%

Packaging: 30L Keykegs and 500ml bottles

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