Baird Big Red Machine Fall Classic

Baird Brewing Japan

From the brewer:

“Brawny in the depth and richness of its malt character, it is balanced beautifully by a spicy and sprite hop essence.”

Bryan’s Comment
“Much as the rare combination of power and finesse was a hallmark of the Big Red Machine on the field, so too is it a hallmark of Big Red Machine Fall Classic Ale in the glass. Cheers to childhood dreams and ambitions!”

To baseball fans October means World Series (also known as the “Fall Classic”). To me the annual Fall Classic invariably brings back boyhood memories of watching and rooting for the great “Big Red Machine” Cincinnati teams of 1975 and 1976 World Series fame. Big Red Machine Fall Classic Ale was brewed initially in 2005 as a 30-year tribute to the Cincinnati Reds World Series championship team of 1975 (they beat the Boston Red Sox in a dramatic 7-game series). We continue to brew it annually because it is such a fine beer and it is the perfect libation to enjoy while taking in the Fall Classic. “

Style: Märzen

ABV: 6.50%

Packaging: 20L Pub Kegs

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