Brew By Numbers 08|01

Brew By Numbers England

From the brewer:

“Originally created as a bigger bodied and stronger version of Porter, Stout (originally Stout Porter) has developed into its own range of styles. Irish Dry, Foreign Extra, Sweet, Oyster and Imperial; these variants range from below 4% ABV to well over 15%.

Stronger stouts lend themselves perfectly to barrel aging, where they can pick up many nuances from the oak, flavours of the liquor that was originally produced in the barrels, and, occasionally, even acquire some bugs and wild yeasts along the way.

08|01 EXPORT STRENGTH STOUT  –  Dark, rich and full bodied.  We brew our export stout with three roasted grains for a deep and complex flavour.”

Style: Export Stout

ABV: 7.00%

Packaging: 30L key kegs

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