Magic Rock/Against the Grain Rhubarbarella

Magic Rock Brewing England

From the brewer:

“This is a Rhubarb Braggot, brewed with Against The Grain Brewery from Louisville, Kentucky. On their first visit to the UK, Sam and Jerry stopped by on en-route to Indymanbeercon to drink beer, eat curry, receive their professional wrestling accreditation (#KYJerry) and brew a Rhubarb Braggot.

If you’re not aware a Braggot is a sort of beer/mead hybrid using honey to make up a large percentage of the fermentable sugars, and our version will use over 600Kg of delicious honey in production. In keeping with the local feel of the previous brew we decided to offset the sweetness with lots and lots of tart local Rhubarb (over 300Kg in all).

We’ve high hopes for ‘Rhubarbarella’ which promises to be a pretty original flavour. At the moment the beer is still fermenting away but should be out and about in a couple of weeks, with a portion also heading to the States with our lovely importers Shelton Brothers (who were present on the brew day too, cheers Kevin!).”



Style: Braggot

ABV: 7.00%

Packaging: KeyKeg

Brewer Website:

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