Renaissance Black the RIPA

Renaissance Brewing Company New Zealand

A Black Rye India Pale Ale brewed using a goodly amount of Canterbury pale ale malt as base, a blend of specialty barley malts, and a selection of exotic Rye specialty malts to yield a beer with great body and subtle, unique flavors. A special chocolate malt (de-husked, so it imparts the dark hue without any of the associated burnt notes of a stout or porter) is used to blacken and add depth.  A generous amount of New Zealand grown hops — both Kiwi and American varieties – are used throughout the boil and in the hopback. A last blast of flavor and aroma are added by dry-hopping with another generous blend of Kiwi hops in the fermenter.  The result is a dark, flavorsome, beer that tastes like fruit, flower, and citrus with just a hint of earthy spice and mystery.  As elusive as the famed London serial killer but not nearly as menacing.  Enjoy.

Style: Black Rye IPA

ABV: 6.50%

Packaging: 500ml bottles

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