Renaissance Craftsman Chocolate Stout

Renaissance Brewing Company New Zealand

Craftsman is the ‘Big Brother’ to the popular Elemental Porter. Building on the flavors given by the crystal, brown and black malts, a portion of organic rolled oats are added for a silky smooth mouth feel, then a small amount of cocoa nibs are added to the mash and brew kettle, plus a large addition of nibs to the fermentor. The maturation on those cocoa nibs gives the beer a lovely chocolate nose that melds beautifully with the coffee and hop notes. The resulting Stout has a full rounded palate with chocolate and roasted notes predominating and the depth of intensity that one expects from a Stout.

Style: Stout

ABV: 4.9%

Packaging: 500ml bottles, 30L keg

Food Pairings: Fruit Desserts, rich cakes, biscuits and cookies

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Other Flavoring: Cocoa nibs

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