Renaissance Brewing Company New Zealand

Renaissance Brewery crafts intensely rewarding ales for the enlightened palate. Their beers are made from the pure waters that flow from the southern alps and they only use locally grown hops from their own backyard.

Situated in the heart of Marlborough wine country, Blenheim, at the top of New Zealand’s south island, their aim is to make beers that rival their grape-based cousins.

The brewery is situated at the old Grove Mill on Dodson Street, which is the oldest commercial building in Blenheim. Over the years it has housed an ice cream factory, a malt house, two very famous Marlborough wineries (Grove Mill and Whitehaven), and, more recently, a craft brewery.

Straight from the brewery:

“We do not make sugar water, in fact unlike most commercial beers, we only use the naturally occuring sugars from malted barley. We do not compromise on flavor and believe that teaspoons of sugar should only be added to cups of tea.”


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Renaissance Elemental Porter

Elemental is our most awarded beer, it has won gold medals in Australia and New Zealand as well as being consistantly rated New Zealand’s top beer . Originally the beer of choice for workers in London’s produce markets, the beer was a mixture of the…

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