To Øl Fuck Art This is Advertising

To Øl Denmark

From the brewer:

“The Fuck Art series is our take on different classic Belgian beers – all with a little twist.

With some beers you just have to go all in. This is the biggest Belgian Quadruple we could think of. Instead of doing yeast-focused quad like all the others, we designed a hop profile that would suit the quad. A quad should not be overpowering, but instead balance and elegant. A bit like a monstertruck driving kids safely to school. With seatbelts fastened. Please note the term “Serveringsforslag” on the label. This is suggested serving, which means that the beer does not contain animals but is well suited together with these animals”

Style: Quadruple

ABV: 11.30%

Packaging: 750 ml bottles, key kegs

Brewer Website:

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