To Øl Yeastus Christus

To Øl Denmark

From the brewer:

“Is Jesus alive? We don’t know. Did Jesus get offspring descendants that are living today? We don’t know. But since God created everything, you could call this a collab with God. This a rustic bretty farmhouse IPA, loaded with different grains, hops and godly intervention. “Nobody Fucks with the Jesus!”

Kasper Ledet about the graphics

“The photo is shot at Vesterbro Svømmehal. It is the place I had swimming lessons when attending school. Last year I created a series of photos of peopleless swimming pools. This is one of them. I think the image counters the notion of authenticity that has been a hip urban credo for the past 15 years. The blue colour of the bottom of the pool is made to mimic a tropical beach. It is a simulacrum and an idealized version of how water looks. It is completely unauthentic but still quite beautiful in it’s own rights. I think this shows that there is not necessarily any link between beauty and authenticity or honesty. Duchamp and Warhol proved this back in the days with their appropriation of everyday objects into fine arts. When Spontan head chef @christiangadient saw the picture he liked it so much that he also wanted it on the business cards. Christian also has a very personal reason for liking the image. When Christian was a child he actually drowned in a swimming pool and was luckily revived. I did not know about that before the image was installed in the restaurant. So it seems that we had two very different reasons for taking interest in swimming pools.”

Style: Saison

ABV: 7.40%

Packaging: 500ml bottles, 30L keg

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