Amager (The Sinner Series) Gluttony

Amager Denmark

From the brewer:

“At the Amager brewery we are comfortably situated far away from small-town modesty; we are not afraid of excess, and the term ‘moderation‘ is simply not found in our vocabulary. To us, gluttony is considered a virtue rather than a sin – at least when it comes to one thing: hops! While making this beer we targeted the hops which shone brightest in our hop room, as if they were almost begging to be used in copious quantities. And that is what we did, as befits a Double IPA of the highest caliber. We have squandered to a sinful degree – and we love it. And we bet that you will too!

We’re not proud to be sinners, but at least we’re open about it…”

AMAGER Sinner Series



Style: Double IPA

ABV: 9.40%

Packaging: 30L key kegs, 500ml bottles

Brewer Website:

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