Amager/Malmö The Amazing Gotland Campfire Beer

Amager Denmark

From the brewer:

“If you take a casual stroll along the fair coastline of Gotland, you might wonder if there are any forests on the island at all. But make no mistake about it. Deep and dark, they are, and twisted – the pine forests of this storied isle. There are many legends of these woods, and one that is centuries old tells of a monster attracted to the smell of smoke from campfires. A friendly monster, but still… Many a camper has wet his pants upon discovering the Marshmallow Monster hovering over the dying embers trying to toast a perfect skewerful of sweets for his cocoa. We first heard tell of the Marshmallow Monster from our friends at Malmö Brygghus, so it was only natural to make our collaboration brew a homage to this kind Swedish creature. For we believe in the goodness of all men – and monsters.”

Style: Porter

ABV: 7.00%

Packaging: 30L Keykegs and 500ml bottles

Brewer Website:

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