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From the brewer:

“The rumour was started by the Arizona Department of Transportation: a suspicious looking “thing” was spotted on some highway cam in one of the most remote areas of the Grand Canyon state. Was it a yeti, was it a sasquatch or was it Big Foot? Since then the hunt has been on for the now infamous Arizona Beast – dusty, spiky and – of course – bearded. We have chosen to believe that it’s out there – somewhere. Bearded indeed were Arizona Wilderness brewers Jonathan Buford and Patrick Ware when they came to brew at Amager – after a small morning detour to Sweden or Norway or somewhere…admittedly European geography CAN be confusing. It was a day of good fun, laughter, drinking and a little brewing. We hope you’ll enjoy our baby beast of an Oatmeal IPA.

P.S.: a final piece of good advice: should you ever get the chance, do NOT try to keep up with the Wilderness boys when it comes to drinking beer or hard liquor. Many a person have tried – and failed miserably.”

Style: Oatmeal IPA

ABV: 7.00%

Packaging: 30L Keykegs and 500ml bottles

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